Nick Landauer FRAeS – Director

Aviation safety is Nick Landauer’s prime professional concern and interest.  LandauerAC is helping to make the skies safer around the Globe – on the ground and in the air.

Skills, Knowledge and Experience 

LandauerAC‘s satisfied clients benefit from Nick Landauer’s skills, knowledge and experience as an inspiring trainer, and from the compliance monitoring, regulatory auditing and aviation advisory services LandauerAC provides. Nick completed a 36-year career with the UK CAA in 2015 where he had worked almost exclusively in Flight Operations. He has extensive knowledge of the theory and practical application of International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), European and UK National legislation, rules, regulations and guidance material, with a particular emphasis on Commercial Air Transport (CAT) and Non-Commercial Complex (NCC) operations.

Now working in the UK, across Europe, Central Asia and in the USA, with clients including Baines Simmons Limited, Bureau Veritas Exploitation and UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), LandauerAC continues to use and build upon Nick’s experience of delivering effective, pragmatic and insightful training in international forums, conducting compliance audits and advising on matters related to Air Operations.  Work has included delivering, through LandauerAC’s clients, courses and consultancy missions for the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in Cologne, eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Latest projects

    • Training: AOC holder – Nominated Person coaching (Fairoaks) for Baines Simmons
    • Training: AOC holder – The Air Operations Regulation – Effective Implementation (Shannon) for Baines Simmons
    • Training: Part 145 organisation – Nominated Person coaching (Almaty) for Baines Simmons
    • Training: Part 145 organisation – Compliance Monitoring – Essentials for Managers (Almaty) for Baines Simmons


Nick’s background at the UK CAA included many years as an Inspecting Officer (Operations) in which capacity he audited and inspected air operators both nationally and worldwide.  Subsequently, he worked extensively in designing and delivering training packages and managed teams of operational support and technical staff responsible for all aspects of Air Operator Certificate and Approval processing.  In Europe he worked in close liaison with EASA Air Operations Standardisation teams and, globally, represented UK CAA on IATA IOSA and ISAGO Oversight Committees.  In addition, Nick has extensive senior management experience of working on and leading a variety of projects.  Nick also designed and then managed UK CAA Flight Operations Department’s internal Quality Assurance system for over 10 years.

Nick has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society and is a Freeman of the City of London.  He is a qualified Lead Auditor, an Associate Consultant for Baines Simmons Ltd, a designated Operations Inspector for the Republic of San Marino Aircraft Registry, an Associate Consultant for TEASAS Ltd and a Qualified Subcontractor for Bureau Veritas Exploitation.

LandauerAC Training

LandauerAC designs and facilitates effective training material concerning:

  • Audit and inspection skills and techniquesClouds 1
  • Interview skills
  • Aviation legislation relating to air operations including:
    • The Basic Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2018/1139)
    • Air Operations (Regulation (EU) 965/2012): Organisation Requirements for Air Operations (Part ORO); Commercial Air Transport (Part CAT); Non-Commercial Complex (Part NCC); Specialised Operations (Part SPO); and SPecific Approvals (Part SPA)
  • ICAO and EASA Air Operator Certification and Oversight
  • Management systems – compliance and performance
  • SMS
  • Compliance monitoring and quality assurance
  • Risk management

LandauerAC Auditing

LandauerAC undertakes auditing in the air operations arena with regard to:

  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Leasing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Air Operations (Regulation (EU) 965/2012)
  • Management systems
  • SMS
  • Regulatory audit preparation for operators
  • Regulatory audits

Through association with other reputable consultancies, LandauerAC is also able to arrange auditing and advisory services relating to airworthiness, cabin safety and dangerous goods.

LandauerAC Feedback

Nick’s depth of knowledge combined with his engaging and entertaining presentational style have resulted in positive feedback from clients and trainees alike.


  • “Nick’s extensive knowledge and style of presentation is obviously well suited to presenting these subjects to foreign students. His visit was voted a 100% success by the team” CEO / Accountable Manager
  • “In a subject that could easily have become boring, Nick’s presentation maintained a great level of interest” Compliance Monitoring Manager
  • “Probably the best consultant I have trained under….” Safety Manager
  • “A brilliantly delivered day…..”  Nominated person delegate


  • Your approach is exactly what we are looking for.” Project manager
  • Nick “is very able to keep the attention of the classroom at a very high level.”   Student
  • “A very competent individual.”  Student
  • “I was very impressed with Nick’s delivery.  His style is captivating and his knowledge of the subject shines through.  I believe all the attendees enjoyed the training.”  Student
  • “We like your attitude.”  Audit client
  • “Nick is a fantastic, patient teacher.”  Student
  • “Nick is probably the best training deliverer I have ever met.”  Student

LandauerAC Clients

Past and present direct clients, on whose behalf projects have been delivered with a large number of their own clients, include:

  • Baines Simmons Ltd
  • Bureau Veritas Exploitation
  • McKechnie Aviation Ltd
  • VR Aviation Safety Partnership Ltd
  • The Republic of San Marino Aircraft Registry
  • AIS Aviation
  • The United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)
  • TEASAS Ltd

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